Musician, Teach Thyself

7 weeks – 100 hours

Here beginneth the lesson.

50 hours of practice

20 hours of research and arranging

20 hours of strength training

10 hours of inspiration

= 100 hours of harp time

Tomorrow, July 18th marks my first day away from teaching and beginning of my harp immersion. After 23 years of studying music I feel I have a pretty firm grasp of who I am and what I want from my music. That being said, I won’t be going this alone.

Step #1 Find a community. I have joined the Bright Knowledge Harp Guild to connect myself to a community of harpists and to help give my practice direction and purpose.

Step #2 Mind + Body = Performance. The harp is heavy and tall and I am… *ahem*… not tall. This makes transporting it difficult. This summer I have registered for a ballet intensive class (or what I like to call “ballet bootcamp”), rowing and yoga. This should make my life as a performer/teacher easier.

Step #3 Set a goal. I have been scheduled to perform in Sioux Narrows on August 21st. This gives me someone to answer to other than myself (the audience) and a reason to keep going even if I become discouraged.