Spring Session

April, 6, 2020

This week looks very different from what I thought it would look like. Students with Kenora Opera Theatre should have been going into tech week for our production of “Murder at the Yacht Club.” Students with the OWAM should have been spending their last week practicing before their performances in the Kenora District Festival of the Arts. In a very short period of time that has all changed….

What has not changed is our need to create and be a part of the arts. The desire to sing has not gone away just because we cannot perform. Music will now and forever be an outlet, an oasis and a constant in our lives.

With that in mind voice and piano lesson will continue online through Zoom. Group lessons are beginning Monday, April 20th. Knowing that many people are struggling financially group rates have been set to be affordable for everyone. $20 for four half hour sessions or $40 for four one hour sessions. Private lessons are available at my regular fee ($30 per half hour and $55 per hour) with the addition of any group classes being free for private students.

It’s time to let your voice shine!


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