The 2018/2019

And what a year it has been! September begin with a new addition to the OWAM and Kenora Opera Theatre, Vocal Technique and Song Interpretation. This new young artist’s program moved students between the ages of 14 and 30 to group lessons devoted to performance and practice. This new program offered our young artists the time and resources to work with several professional musicians for the same cost as private lessons.

In addition to private and group vocal lessons, Olivia has now begun offering private beginner piano lessons. Who knows what will come next?

Our end of year celebration was held on June 21 in the form of a ceilidh instead of recital. This new-to-us gathering offered students a less stressful and more fun way to showcase the talents they have been practicing this year.

Olivia will be taking a sabbatical from June 19th to September 8th. You can follow her escapades by clicking on the Musician, Teach Thyself tab.

One thought on “The 2018/2019

  1. Wonderful work you do. Too bad we live too far to enjoy it more! Have a wonderful sabbatical…and summer.
    Pat Hamilton

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