100 Day Practice Challenge

June 1, 2020 to September 9, 2020

Practice is a skill like any other, it takes practice. If you’d like to up your practice game and learn a new skill join me for the 100 day challenge. How do I know it will work? Because I will have finished my first 100 day challenge on May 30 .

The challenge:

  1. Sight-reading: 100 songs in 100 days

Pull out your favourite music books and let’s get started! This challenge is all about improving your music reading skills as well as your ability to learn quickly. Sing (or play if you’re doing this with an instrument) each piece all the way through, with correct technique and rhythm. You may slow down and speed up as you need to to make sure you’re correct. Follow the dynamic signs and all repeats. Bonus: watch a workshop video on the piece before you tackle it.

2. Ear training: 50 songs in 100 days (if both playing an instrument and singing) 100 songs in 100 days if you are singing a cappella.

Pull up some lyrics and start listening! Listen to a song all the way through first, mark where you feel the breath. If you play an instrument first identify what key you’re listening to by fiddling around until you find it. Learn each song by ear trying to both sing and play the chords.

There is no cheating in this! As long as you put the time in you’re doing it the right way. Keep a journal of all the pieces you work on (don’t forget to put the composers name). I mark an * for pieces that need work and a ❤ for pieces I’d like to really deep dive into and learn.